Towards an academic style with harmonic rhythm, inner grace and outer magnificence

Why often academic (scholarly) literature is so boring? No doubt, there are many excellent academic writings but here I mean the aesthetic pleasure of reading the scholarly articles and books. I am a scholar myself but sometime I consider reading academic materials even in social sciences as dreadful practice. Contrary, good fiction or non-fiction needs an elegant style and offers for a reader a pleasant experience. Of course, somebody could say that in a scholarly literature the most important, the essential thing is an argument and logic but not a beauty of wordings. Well, yes, indeed, the argument, the logic and a strong, formalised style help to make a clear scholarly point without unnecessary eccentricities. But yet again, such a rational piece of writing often provides just unexciting portion of reading. It might give a powerful intellectual but not emotional enjoyment.

So is there any way to combine a beauty of a literary style with the argumentativeness of an academic smartness? Yes, perhaps. But I guess the number of graceful scholarly texts is at least twice less than the number of just fine literary or good scholarly texts.

Now imagine the combination of Aristotle with William Shakespeare or Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel with Vladimir Nabokov.  Not bad at all, ah?