Каково жить с гением?

Мы привыкли восхищаться гениями, и втайне, может быть, лелеем надежду, что наши дети или внуки тоже могут стать гением. Но жить рядом с гением непросто, ибо есть повседневная бытовая плата за это. Вот что написала первая жена Михаила Таля, чемпиона мира и одного из гениальных шахматистов, о своем супруге:

“Misha was so ill-equipped for living… When he travelled to a tournament, he couldn’t even pack his own suitcase… He didn’t even know how to turn on the gas for cooking. If I had a headache, and there happened to be no one home but him, he would fall into a panic: “How do I make a hot-water bottle?” And when I got behind the wheel of a car, he would look at me as though I were a visitor from another planet. Of course, if he had made some effort, he could have learned all of this. But it was all boring to him. He just didn’t need to. A lot of people have said that if Tal had looked after his health, if he hadn’t led such a dissolute life… and so forth. But with people like Tal, the idea of “if only” is just absurd. He wouldn’t have been Tal then” (Цитата из Википедии).

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