Observations and Thoughts

Diversification of diplomacy

Diversification of diplomacy: state diplomacy, track one diplomacy, intergovernmental diplomacy, secret diplomacy, coercive diplomacy, bilateral diplomacy, multilateral diplomacy, conference diplomacy, economic diplomacy, environmental diplomacy, business diplomacy, trade diplomacy, global diplomacy, regional diplomacy, military diplomacy, science diplomacy, public diplomacy, social diplomacy, multi-track diplomacy, track two diplomacy, non-governmental diplomacy, back-channel diplomacy, digital diplomacy, social media diplomacy, e-diplomacy, Facebook diplomacy, Twitter diplomacy, hashtag diplomacy, citizen diplomacy, people’s diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, arts diplomacy, celebrity diplomacy, religious diplomacy, faith diplomacy, sports diplomacy, children diplomacy, indigenous diplomacy, diaspora diplomacy, trans-professional diplomacy, plural diplomacies, everyday diplomacy…


I am honored to serve on the Advisory Board of the Comprehensive Capacity-Building in Eastern Neighbourhood and Central Asia: research integration, impact governance and sustainable communities (GCRF COMPASS): https://research.kent.ac.uk/gcrf-compass/people/