Courses, lectures and workshops

Courses taught by Professor Alisher Faizullaev

“International Negotiation”, “Theory and Practice of Negotiation”, “Negotiating Moral Conflict”, “Public Diplomacy”, “Political Psychology in International Relations and Diplomacy”, “Visual Political Psychology”, and “Diplomatic Skills”.

Presentations, lectures, seminars and workshops:
At numerous academic and diplomatic conferences, seminars and workshops in the USA, the UK, Canada, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iran, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Japan and Uzbekistan, including at the Organizational Development Network’s Annual Conferences in San Diego, CA, USA (1989), Philadelphia, PA, USA (1990) and Toronto, Canada (1992); International Association for Personnel Women, Philadelphia, PA, USA (1990); International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, UK (2004); Annual Conference of the International Society of Political Psychology, Madrid, Spain (2006); Tokyo Foundation, Japan; the British Council-Asia House Public Debate, London, UK (2007); Forum of Asian Writers, Pohong, South Korea (2008); Annual Conference of the International Association of Conflict Management, Chicago, Il, USA (2008); Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) Expert Roundtable on Central Asia, London, UK (2009); Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Conferences on Central Asia in Berlin (2008) and Brussels (2009); Central Asia Energy Security Symposium at Keio University, Tokyo, Japan (2009); co-organized and co-chaired a section titled “Symbolic Violence in Diplomatic Practice” at the 9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Sicily, Italy (September, 2015); International Seminar on Conceptualizing Development and Cooperation in Eurasia (United Kingdom, 2016); International Conference on Negotiating Security in Eurasia (Clingendael Institute, the Netherlands, 2016).

At Harvard University, MA (USA); Tufts University, MA (USA); University of California, Irvine, CA (USA); California School of Professional Psychology, CA (USA); Center for Creative Leadership, CA (USA); Saybrook Institute, CA (USA); University of Washington, WA, (USA); Western Washington University, WA (USA); Villanova University, PA (USA); La Salle University, PA (USA); Thomas Jefferson University, PA (USA); University of Cambridge (UK); University of Oxford (UK); University of Birmingham (UK); York University, Toronto (Canada); University of Aoyama, Japan; University of Moscow (Russia); Krasnoyarsk University (Russia); McGill University (Canada).

At Con Edison Co., New York, NY (USA); Manchester Co., Philadelphia, PS (USA); Signa Co., Philadelphia, PA (USA), Integra Co., Philadelphia, PA (USA); Context Associated, Seattle, WA (USA); The World Affairs Club, Philadelphia, PA (USA).

Participation at the United Nation’s General Assembly (1993); Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s summits and ministerial meetings (1994-1999); NATO/Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council’s meetings of Heads of States and Ministers (1995-1998); European Bank of Reconstruction and Development’s Governors’ Annual Meeting (2002); diplomatic conferences and meetings organized by the UN and other international organizations.