Principal Publications

Peer reviewed articles in English:


 Edited books:

  • Alisher Faizullaev and Roy Allison (eds). Regional Conflict Prevention/Resolution and Promoting Stability in Central Asia and Afghanistan. Tashkent and London: UWED-Chatham House, 2005 (in English and Russian).
  • Alisher Faizullaev (ed). Problems of Uzbekistan’s National Security and Conditions for Sustainable Development. Tashkent: UWED, 2004 (in English, Russian and Uzbek).
  • Alisher Faizullaev (ed). Treasures of our Culture. London: Embassy of Uzbekistan, 2002 (in Uzbek).

 Other publications in English:

Peer reviewed articles in Russian:

  • Faizullaev A. Country’s Image as a National Development Strategy, International Relations: Politics, Economics and Law, 2008, No 1, pp. 76-85 (in Russian);
  • Faizullaev A. Political Psychology of National Symbols, International Relations: Politics, Economics and Law, 2008, No 2, pp. 60-67 (in Russian);
  • Faizullaev A. Qualities of Diplomats, International Relations: Politics, Economics and Law, 2006, No 3, pp. 82-91 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Motivation and Personality of a Diplomat, International Relations: Politics, Economics and Law, 2004, No 2, pp. 62-70 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Psychological Aspects of Diplomatic Work, International Relations: Politics, Economics and Law, 2003, No 3, pp. 52-57 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Attributive Characteristics of Personality, Voprosi Psichologii, No 2, pp. 147-152 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Motivational Crises of Personality, Psichologicheskiy Jurnal, 10, No 3, 1989, pp. 23-31 (in Russian).
  • Umarov E. and Faizullaev A. Learning Communication Skills, Uzbekistan, 1989, No 1, pp. 49-52 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Accepting Motives by Person, Psikhologicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol 6, No 4, 1985, pp. 87-96 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Motivational Factors in Personal Development, Social Sciences in Uzbekistan, 1983, No 10, pp. 9-14 (in Russian).

Articles in Russian and German languages published in edited books:

  • Faizullaev A. Identitat und Kraft der Sozialen Beziehungen, in ‘Geschichte und Identitat V: Uzbekistan und Deutschland: 1919, 1929, 1939, 1949, 1979, 1989, 2009’, Herausgeber: J.Dahl, K.Doose, M.Klingenberg, W.Lapins. Taschkent: Goethe-Institut, 2009, pp. 86-92 (in German; English translation: Human Identity and Power of Social Connections, in ‘History and Identity: Uzbekistan and Germany, vol. V. Tashkent: Goethe Institute, 2009, pp. 86-92’).
  • Faizullaev A. Nation, State and Human Identity, in ‘History and Identity II. Uzbekistan and Germany in XX Century’, edited by R.Krumm, Ch.Gunter, M.Klingenberg and G.Ryssel, Tashkent: Friedrich Ebert Foundation, 2007, pp. 108-116 (in German).
  • Faizullaev A.Sociocultural identity matrix, in ‘Arts of Uzbekistan: Dynamics of Identity. Tashkent: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, 2007, pp. 45-60 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A.Psychological Study of International Politics and Diplomacy: Opportunities and Limitations, in ‘Contemporary Psychology: Diversity of a Research’, edited by R.Akhmerov, S.Dyryna and A.Juravlev, Moscow: Publishing House of the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Psychology, 2007, pp. 56-71 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Psychology and Politics of “A New Great Game”, in ‘Security in Central Asia and the Interests of Outside Powers’, edited by V.Naumkin, Moscow: Center for Strategic and Political Studies, 2004, pp. 31-37 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Functional-genetic Approach to Motivation, in ‘Motivational Regulation of Individual Behaviour’, edited by N.Shorokhova. Moscow: Institute of Psychology, Academy of Sciences, 1988, pp. 69-73 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. On a systemic approach to the relationship of biological and social in the human psyche, in ‘Biosocial nature of man and his consciousness’, edited by B.Ismailov. Tashkent: Academy of Sciences, 1980, pp. 134-145 (in Russian).

Essays in Uzbek, Russian and Korean languages:

  • Faiz Alisher. Creation of Destiny, Vostok Svishe, 2014, 33, No 1-2, стр. 138-147.
  • Faizullaev A. Morning Pilaf as a Social Act, Drujba Narodov, 2011, No 1, pp. 155-163 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. Human Nuances of the Eastern City, Drujba Narodov, 2011, No 1, pp. 176-184 (in Russian).
  • Faiz Alisher. A. Made in Japan, Zvezda Vostoka, 2008, No 3, pp. 40-51 (in Russian).
  • Faiz Alisher. Spirit and Hidden Codes of the Eastern City, in ‘Asian Literature Forum 2008. Asia, a Story of Extinction Becomes a Story of Creation’, pp. 155-186 (in Russian and Korean);
  • Faizullaev A. Cambridge, or notes from the intellectual paradise, Vestnic Evropy (Herald of Europe), XVIII, September 2006, pp. 154-172 (in Russian).
  • Faizullaev A. The World of a Human Being, Fan va Turmush (Science and Life), 1985, No 8, pp. 12-15 (in Uzbek).

Other publications in different languages:

  • Faizullaev A. Aprendendo a pechinchar na feira. Mobile MSN The New York Times, February, 2012 (in Spanish).
  • Faizullaev A. Las lecciones del regateo en un bazar: de lo común a lo extreme Viernes 27 de enero del 2012 Gestión, February, 2012 (in Portuguese).
  • Faizullaev A. A Leaders’ Personality. Tashkent: Executive Training Institute, 1989 (in Russian).

Alisher Faizullaev also published 12 conference abstracts. He also publisher the following literary books:

  • Alisher Faiz. The Mediator: A Negotiation Fable. Amazon, Kindle edition.
  • Alisher Faiz. Krugovorot (Circulation). Tashkent: “Sharq” Publishing House, 2006 (in Russian).
  • Alisher Faiz. Tabula rasa. Tashkent: Sharq Publishing House, 2004 (in Russian).