Interactive Training Groups’ Training Courses

  1. The Art of Negotiation

Content: preparing, organizing and conducting negotiations in business settings and with difficult people; using effective negotiation strategies and tactics for achieving the best outcome; counter-standing the negotiation tricks and manipulations; developing the ability to competently analyze the negotiation process to achieve success in business, leadership, management, social and personal life.  

  1. Leadership and Success Strategies

Content: the ways of effective competition, cooperation, leadership and team-building; flexibility and firmness of the individual behavior in a group; overcoming obstacles in group interaction in a complex environment; orientation for achievement or avoiding failure; the level of risk and success; individual and group decision making in a challenging situation.

  1. Effective Interpersonal Communication and Influence

Content: communicative competence and interpersonal sensitivity; the art of conversation and debate; listening, arguing and persuading skills; using body language and nonverbal means (facial expression, gesture, posture, walking, voice, etc.) for effective communication and influence; confidence and assertiveness as social skills.

  1. Creativity and Problem Solving

Content: primary, secondary and integrative creativity; creativity and self-actualization; openness to new experience, perceptual freshness, creative thinking and approach to life; inventive problem solving; paradoxical thinking, Zen koans and techniques for generating ideas; creativity, flow, happiness and developing human potential.

  1. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Content: informational, entertaining and persuasive (motivational) speeches; preparing for a speech; overcoming a fear of public speaking; contact with the audience, the beginning, the main part and the end of the speech; nonverbal communication in public speaking; relaxed stage presence and ways of convincing the listeners; presentation mastery.

  1. Dynamic Self-Regulation and Stress Management

Content: psychological self-regulation and stress resistance using breathing, motor, sensory and meditative exercises; developing concentration and relaxation skills; the joy of body movements; application of Tai Chi, Vipassana meditation and Bioenergetics techniques for the mind-body coordination and harmony.  

  1. Life and Career Development

Content: understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, individual abilities, skill and interests; developing career and life paths; visualizing the future; personal goal setting (short term, medium term and long term goals) and management of the conflict of goals; self-fulfillment and effective time management.

  • Trainer: Alisher Faizullaev, D.Sc. and Ph.D., former Ambassador, founder and director of ITG.
  • Number of participants: 12-24 people.
  • Duration: option 1 – one day, and option 2 – half day.
  • Language: training can be conducted in Uzbek, Russian and English.
  • Extra services: based on the needs, interests and objectives of companies and organizations, ITG can develop for them tailored training programs.
  • Additional information: more detailed information about the services of ITG can be found on its website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: (+99890) 315-36-55.

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