When you feel some nervousness

When you feel some nervousness before an important meeting or event, the following five things can help you:

1. Try to catch with your eyes something interesting around, disturb your focus on yourself by focusing on a tree, or flower, or sky, or elements of ceiling or floor. Concentrate your attention – even for a short while – on something outer but not inner.

2. Release your body tensions, relax muscles. You can “scan” mentally your body and release all the tensions you have noticed.

3. Breath deeper. Rapid and shallow breathing are typical signs of nervousness, and when you change this pattern, you can get more relaxed state of mind and body.

4. Smile. Even a little smile brings some joy and positively affects your inner condition.

5. Keep confidence with a straight posture and gait. Self-confidence increases your social status improves your image.

By the way, don’t forget to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner – you need energy. And drink water – that also helps in emotional self-regulation.

These recommendations came out from my life experience.

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