9 elements of Self

Recently I have been writing about 9 half-joking rules in various spheres of life. One of the readers invited me to share my own rules of life. After some reflection, I put down the following 9 things that, I think, characterize me. Probably, these are not really rules, and they are not even principles. These are, rather, 9 primordial elements of my consciousness, or personality. But that’s how it seems to me. Obviously, others might think differently.

1. Curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge.

2. Decency and the desire for good.

3. Striving for self-improvement and excellence.

4. Constant reflections and self-search.

5. The need for harmony and meaning.

6. The desire to write and create.

7. High sensitivity and responsiveness.  

8. Love of physical activity and industriousness.

9. The ability to cooperate and compete.

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