9 funny rules for novice diplomats


Rule one. In order to build relations with other countries, you may first build relations with your bosses and colleagues at home.

Rule two. To learn how to negotiate with foreigners in a foreign country, you can first carry bags and suitcases of senior members of high delegations visiting this country.

Rule three. It is necessary to know your native language well since it can be assumed that every young diplomat has already mastered a foreign language.

Rule four. In diplomacy, the ability to write is more important than the ability to breathe.

Rule five. In conversations and negotiations, you should always tell the truth, but not necessarily everything you know.

Rule six. To control words, you need to control thoughts, but to control thoughts, you need to have them.

Rule seven. The appearance can hide a lot, but not the absence of intelligence.

Rule eight. You need to be able to observe others, but even more importantly – yourself.

Rule nine. It is necessary to have internal rules in order not to turn diplomacy into the art of firm adherence to international rules, gently bypassing them.

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